Fathers do matter! 

I’m happy to have this opportunity to share a bit about my story and emphasize why fathers matter.  

My own father was not in my life at all after my parents divorced. Back in the 1970’s the courts didn’t follow up on “Dead Beat Dads” My mother was a single mother of 3 daughters, and my whole life was impacted by him not being there, financially or physically. Daughters (and sons) need a father, or at least a father figure in their lives.


I recently wrote my own memoir which shows the life long impact of not having my father in my life. Poverty, which led to neglect and traumatic life experiences in childhood as well as into adulthood. 

“I Didn’t Come This Far To Only Come THIS Far” found on Amazon.

It wasn’t until my 50’s after a breakdown in life and therapy that I realized how much my childhood had an impact on the rest of my life. 

After that, I began to thrive, partially because I then understood and could see the reasons my life had gone the way it had. 


My now 3rd husband, has children from his first marriage. He is very involved in their lives. This is part of what I love and respect about him. He is a dedicated and loving father, paying more than child support, taking an interest in their interests, supporting them and encouraging them in whatever they may be doing or trying. He spends a lot of time with them as well, they know they can call him up for advice or to share anything at all. This is what a father should be, this is what every kid needs. Even if divorced dads are still a vital part of a child's life. 

Thank you to all the dads out there doing their best with their kids. Thank you to “Dads Do Matter” for all you do to help spread the word and support dads, and their kids. This is such an important message and mission and needs to be out there! 

Thank you


Pamela Topjan, CA